It was after a gap of two years that Leela Mishra and Ashok Kumar were working in a film together. Two years back she was casted in a supporting role in Ashok Kumar’s home production – Samaj which was release in 1954 with Ashok Kumar, Usha Kiran and Shashikala in key roles.

Now, she was once again sharing screen space with Ashok Kumar in Satyen Bose’s Savera along with Meena Kumari in lead role and Samson, Kammo, Kundan in supporting roles.

During the shoot of the court scene between Dada Muni and Leela Mishra, the shot was called for by Satyen Bose and Dada Muni recited his lines. However, instead of reciting her scripted lines,

Leela Mishra startled Dada Muni by questing him on when he was going to clear her payment for Samaj. The shot was interrupted and Satyen Bose called for a retake. Once again Dada Muni recited his dialogues but Leela ji was adamant on her question. An embarrassed Ashok Kumar requested Leela Mishra to finish the scene and promised het that she will receive her payment by the end of the shoot.

Dada Muni apologised to Satyen Bose for the interruption and requested for another shot. This time all went well and the scene was complete with the intended dialogues.

Later that day Leela ji was paid by cheque. Savera was released in 1958 and was a hit at the box office. Surely enough Leela ji was paid all her dues.