Parwana ia a poet who runs away from home with his pal Jagu to join a theatrical company. They come across a gypsy camp and all is well till they cross swords with Khanna of Khanna Theatres whose main attraction is Bijli, a beautiful and temperamental dancer. Bijli is attracted by Parwana’s poetry and physique and we soon see Parwana. Jagu and Koel working in Khanna Theatres. A turn of events leads the group to leave Khanna Theatres to start off on their own. However, a love sticker Khanna ensures their failure which leads to ParwanaÂ’s downfall. Bijli sacrifices her love and returns to Khanna to save Parwana but he returns home heartbroken and dedicates himself to national service. Will Bijli & Parwana ever unite?