Zeenat weds the wealthy Sharafat Hussain but on the day of the ceremony due to fireworks, his horse tosses him down and he is injured. Sharafat recovers during the night and consummates the marriage. Sadly he passes away soon after. When the Hussain family find that Zeenat is pregnant, they accuse her of sleeping with another male and ask her to leave. Zeenat gives birth a daughter, Sahida, but decides to abandon her and commit suicide. However the cries of her baby bring her back only to find Sahida gone. Sahida is found living with the Hakim family and Zeenat becomes her caretaker. Years later, Sahida who is in love with Akhtar is all set to get married. It is during the ceremony that Zeenat’s past will come to haunt her when the groom’s family turn down this alliance as no one knows the father of Sahida.