Popular film director, Devendra Goel had a novel idea –   Present the audience the natural bond between a mother and child in his upcoming film – Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan (1959) featuring Meena Kumari & young Honey Irani.

order to achieve realistic emotions between the protagonists  on-screen, he convinced Honey Irani’s real mother, Perin Irani, to let her daughter literally live together with reel mother Meena Kumari. For over four weeks, Meena Kumari cared for Honey as a mother would. Soon after the shooting began and lasted for another five weeks. Over this period Honey deeply connected with Meena Kumari and so strong was the bond that she refused to go back home with Perin once the shoot was over. A heartbroken Perin burst into tears and was rescued by Meena Kumari who convinced Honey.

The affection between Meena Kumari Kumari and Honey Irani was witnessed by millions of cinegoers. Those who have watched the film would recollect the heart breaking moment where Raju (Honey Irani) is being snatched away from her mother Ratna (Meena Kumari) by Nurse Maya Verma (Minu Mumtaz). Not to forget the gripping melody “Bada Bedard Jahaan Hai” By Lata Mangeshkar.

The film was nominated for Filmfare awards in two categories, Filmfare Best Actress Award – Meena Kumari and Filmfare Best Story Award – Dhruva Chatterjee.