In the 60’s, Indian cinema witnessed the arrival of Tarzans and stadium king wrestlers with a big bang.

Azad, played Tarzan in over a dozen films and entered the Guinness Book of World record for acting as Tarzan in the most Tarzan movies. His macho Avatar could be seen in movies like Elephant Queen (1961) with Helen in the lead.


On the other hand Dara Singh, a wrestling champion of India & winner of the world championship crown, played wrestler in numerous films. Dara Singh’s journey started with Sangdil in 1952 however his iconic role was in the film Faulad (1963) opposite Mumtaz. The film was so successful that both the actors went on to do 16 more films together of which 10 were hits. He went on do play the muscle man role in many movies with leading ladies Indira, Nishi, Sanjana to name a few…

Kamran too joined the league of the muscle Men and swept the leading ladies of their feet in films like Wrong Number (1959) & Chalbaaz (1969)..

What these men presented to the audience was unprecedented. They showcased muscle power and thus started a trend a lifting & carrying their lady loves around in the movies.